Terms and conditions

By registering as a User of Website (hereinafter jointly to as the “Website”) or carrying out transactions on the Website, you hereby confirm that you have examined the Terms and Conditions of the present User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “User Agreement”), agree to the terms and conditions and undertake to follow them. Terms and conditions apply to every registered user of the Website and to the owner of the website (AMJ Autoäri OÜ, registration code 10615599, hereinafter jointly to as ROMU.EE). The User Agreement applies to all legal relationships between and the registered user, arising from participating in the auction.

In addition to the User Agreement, relations between the registered user and ROMU.EE are governed by the valid legislation of the Republic of Estonia. The registered users are fully responsible for participating in an auction. ROMU.EE does not take any responsibility for the registered users’ validity or the legality of users’ biddings in an auction. website and all of its content is protected by copyright law. Legal relations between the registered user and ROMU.EE arising from the User Agreement are governed by the legislation valid in the Republic of Estonia.


You can register either online at website or at the office (AMJ Autoäri OÜ, Üksnurme tee 14, Saku, Harjumaa) by filling in an application. Registered User accont is open-ended. User has the right to withdraw from the auction by filling and signing an application to ROMU.EE. To register as a user the client must be at least 18 years of age and have full active legal capacity. Or if the client has restricted legal capacity, he/she must be represented fully by a legal guardian or juristic person to participate in an auction.

The Client shall:

Submit completely correct Personal Date and contact information, including signing up with his/her correct and full name, ID number and valid e-mail address upon registering as a User. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password, including but not limited to the restriction of access to your computer and/or account. You agree to accept responsibility for any and all activities or actions that occur under your account and/or password, whether your password is with our Service or a third-party service. You must notify ROMU.EE immediately upon becoming aware of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your account. Before placing a bid the user shall view in advance the item/vehicle at the sales premises (Saku Üksnurme tee 14). After placing a winning bid and payment the user must register the vehicle to his/her name at the Estonian Road Administration Office, fill and sign a certificate of demolition or register an export.

After making a winning bid, the Registered User undertakes to pay the sale price of the vehicle/item according to the issued invoice and enter into a contract of sale on the vehicle/item that was on auction. The Registered user undertakes to collect the the auctioned vehicle from the premises of ROMU.EE (Saku Üksnurme tee 14) within 3 working days or as marked in an invoice.

Obligations of ROMU.EE

ROMU.EE allows the user to view the items/vehicles on auction at the site (Saku Üksnurme tee 14); ROMU.EE must inform the winning bid user and provide an invoice with details of collection. ROMU.EE undertakes not to disclose or transfer the Personal Data of the Registered User to third parties, unless it is necessary to ensure the quality or availability of the service, and also for the application of legal remedies against the Registered User.



ROMU.EE does not take any responsibility of the condition of the items/vehicles. ROMU.EE has the right to extend the auction, change the content of the auctions and/or change the layout of the website and its content. ROMU.EE has the right to cancel ongoing auctions if there has been a security breach and/or a technical failure, and/or if the person who won the bid has violated the terms and conditions of ROMU.EE. In case of the winner’s withdrawal from the auction ROMU.EE has the right to demand a contractual penalty (up to 10% of the final bid). has the right to fine for delays on the payment (0.2% daily from the final bid). Delayed payment invoices will be given to INCASSO or other debt collection company (after 1 month of issuing the invoice), in that case the Registered User is obligated to pay the full amount of the invoice with its fine for delays and also the debt collection costs (INCASSO, court fees, legal fees ETC). ROMU.EE has the right to ask additional fee for storage if the collection of the vehicle/item has not been made by due date on the contract/invoice.  ROMU.EE has the right to change the change the procedure of the auction. In case of the violations of terms and conditions ROMU.EE has the right to restrict the rights or cancel the Registered User’s account for indefinitely.


Auction type:

The auction’s timer shows the remaining time until the end of registration (making a bid) for the telephone auction. When the timer reaches zero, the highest bid on the web will be displayed and a note “Telephone auction in progress”. Also, a note “highest bid by phone” will be displayed. After the auction has ended on the internet, telephone auction continues with ALL the participants who had made a bid. The auction ends when highest bidder has won and participants no longer want to overbid. THE HIGHEST BID ON THE INTERNET IS NOT AUTOMATICALLY THE WINNER OF THE AUCTION.

When the auction ends the protocol of the auction is sent to the owner of the product. After acceptance of the sale price, an invoice / contract is sent to the winner, on the basis of which the goods can be paid for. The goods can be picked up after the payment can be received and the change of ownership of the removal from the registry is made at the Estonian Road Administration.

Good are located at Üksnurme road 14, Saku parish, Harju county 75501 (if it is not stated otherwise)



If the auction has „reserve price “, the owner of the product is committed to sell after the reserved price is met. The reserved price is doble the starting price. On a regular auction the owner is not committed to sell.

The vehicles / goods sold on the auction do not have a warranty unless it is marked separately on the auction. Amendments and / or additions to the terms and conditions presented here, shall take effect immediately after the new terms and conditions are disclosed and notified by If the Customer does not notify the waiver of the terms and conditions within one week, he / she is deemed to have agreed to the new terms and conditions.


Prices for additional services:

Lifting a car with the forklift: 20€

Registering a vehicle for export at the Estonian Road Administration: 30€

Formalization of transit numbers: according to agreement

Parking fee for a car 5€/day

Cash payment fee is 0,6% of the total cost (minimum 5€ per transaction)

Parking fee for a truck or a trailer: 15€ per day

*Prices do not include VAT