Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After the auction end on the internet it continues by telephone. Auction’s timer shows how much time is left until the end of registration for the telephone part of the auction. When the time reaches zero, then the product page will display the best price on the web and a message “Phone auction in progress”. Then the auction will take place over the phone with ALL the people who have made their bid. ROMU.EE will call every bidder. The auction ends when the winner remains and other participants no longer want to bid. HE BEST OFFER ON THE INTERNET IS NOT AUTOMATICALLY A WINNER OF THE AUCTION!

There is no registration fee.

Register on the site > place a bid > win the telephone auction > the owner of the vehicle accepts the price and the invoice will be made > after the payment is received we will make a sales contract > change of ownership or removement from registry has to be made > take the car from the lot

Yes, you can fill in the form on our FRONT PAGE, by pushing the button shown on the image below:

No, no fees will be added to the winning price.

Invoice will be sent to you e-mail, which is associated with your account. Order info can be seen under “My account” From the you can see order number, product info and the amount that has to be paid.

Unfortunately no, we will give the goods only after payment.

Login with your username and password. Under “My account” open “Account information”

The info about VAT (20%) is shown under to every auction separately.

Click on the “LOG IN” button on the home page

On the new page, click the “Parool kadunud” button

Enter your e-mail address and press the “Küsi uus parool” button

Then check your e-mail address to see if you received a new password link. If the e-mail does not arrive within the next 2 minutes, please check your spam folder.

The goods can be picked up form Üksnurme road 14, Saku, if it is not writer otherwise. We offer the possibility of sending smaller items by post.

Auction with reserve price have extra note “with Reserve price”. The reserve price is double the starting price.